Matthew James Cowlishaw and Richard Michael Hawes were appointed Joint Administrators of Robin Hood Energy Limited on 05 January 2021. The affairs, business and property of the Company are managed by the Joint Administrators. The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Company and contract without personal liability. The Joint Administrators are authorised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. All licensed Insolvency Practitioners of Deloitte LLP are licensed in the UK.

Terms and Conditions

For the Supply of Gas and Electricity to our Domestic Customers

These are our terms and conditions for our supply of gas and/or electricity to your property. These terms and conditions, along with the tariff form the contract between you, our Customer and us - Robin Hood Energy. They are important legal documents and we recommend you read them carefully and keep them safe.

If you have a Green Deal, Smart meter or receive Feed-In-Tariffs, there may be other terms, which supplement these terms and conditions.


We use certain keywords in these terms and conditions, which we have defined below. In other clauses where we use an important term, we will explain it there for clarity.

Account Holder - a customer holding an account with us whilst we supply their gas and/or electricity.

Distribution network operator (DNO) - the company that delivers electricity to your Property and runs the electricity distribution network for your local area.

Energy - the gas and/or electricity provided to you at your Property. You may consume one or both fuels.

Gas transporter - this is the company that is licensed by Ofgem (the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) to transport gas to your Property.

Meter - the equipment used to measure the amount of Energy you use in your Property and provide information about it.

Pay-As-You-Go meter - a meter where you pay for your energy in advance by using a key or card, or a smart meter working as a Pay-As-You-Go meter.

Property - the premises where we supply your energy.

Tariff - this is the price you will pay for your energy as described in your tariff information label (TIL). This will be included in your welcome pack.

Working day - any day except Saturday, Sunday and the bank holidays of England and Wales.

1.0 About your Supply Contract

When you enter into this contract with us, you are confirming that you either own or live in the Property, or that you are responsible for it and that it is able to receive Energy.

When does your contract start?

1.1 Your contract with us will start when either of the following occur:

(a) we agree over the phone or in person to supply your energy; or

(b) you click to confirm that you have accepted these terms and conditions, if you apply online.

1.2 If you didn’t enter into a Contract with us in either of the ways described above, but we are providing energy to your property, we will treat you as if you have accepted these terms and conditions; you will be in a deemed Contract with us when either of the following occurs:

(a) you move into your Property;

(b) your tenants move out of your Property (if you are landlord); or

(c) you become responsible for your Property.

1.3 We will place you on our variable standard tariff until you contact us to discuss your tariff and you will be responsible for any other related charges we describe in these terms and conditions whilst on our variable tariff.

Your right to cancel the Contract

1.4 You have a 14 day ‘cooling-off’ period from the day after your contract was made, to cancel your contract with us.

1.5 To cancel your Contract, you will need to contact us. You can do this by:

(a) writing to us at: Robin Hood Energy, PO Box 10461, Nottingham, NG1 9JS;

(b) by calling us free on 0800 030 4567 or

(c) emailing us at

We aim to take over responsibility for your energy supply within 21 days from the earliest of:

(a) the day your ‘cooling-off’ period ends; or

(b) the day we start the process to take over your energy supply.

1.6 Unless you have told us not to do so prior to entering into a contract, we will begin the process of switching your Energy supply before your ‘cooling-off’ period ends. However, you are still able to cancel your contract at any time within the 14 calendar day ‘cooling-off’ period.

1.7 We will send you a welcome pack that will tell you when we expect your energy supply to start. If we already supply energy to your property, we will continue doing so.

1.8 Sometimes, it may take longer than 21 calendar days to start supplying you with Energy. This can happen if:

(a) you ask to delay the switch of your Supply to us;

(b) we are stopped from taking over your Supply by your old supplier;

(c) we need you to give us further information to enable us to take over; or d. something outside of our control happens.

1.9 Your previous supplier will be responsible for your Supply until we switch you over to us. Once the switch is complete, we will tell your old supplier that we have taken over your Supply.

2.0 Energy tariff and charges


2.1 Our prices and conditions sometimes depend on how you pay; such as by direct debit or using a Pay-As-You-Go meter.

2.2 Our Energy prices are set out in your Tariff, of which you will get a copy in your welcome pack. If you are on a fixed price tariff, your welcome pack will tell you when the fixed price term ends. This information will also be included on every Bill or Statement that we send to you.

2.3 If you are on a fixed price Tariff, we will contact you to advise you of this. If, by the time your fixed price tariff has ended, you have not chosen a new tariff, we will roll you onto the cheapest similar standard variable or fixed term tariff.

2.4 Our Tariffs are made up of the following charges: a. a ‘standing charge’ - which is a daily charge for your Supply and b. a ‘unit rate’ - an amount per unit of gas and/or electricity you use. The rate may depend on the time of use.

2.5 If you are on a variable tariff, your unit rate can go up or down. However, if there is a price change, we will contact you in advance.

2.6 All of our tariff prices and charges are subject to UK taxes, including VAT. Where there is a change in the rate of VAT, we may increase our tariff prices and charges to account for that increase. This applies for both variable and fixed term contracts.

Other charges not included in our Tariffs

2.7 We may have to charge you for other costs that aren’t included in the tariff you pay. Wherever possible, we will discuss these charges with you before we incur them. Some of these charges are listed below.

(a) if you have asked us to inspect your meter and we do but there is no problem with it;

(b) if you ask us to move your Meter to a more convenient position;

(c) the reasonable costs we incur recovering an outstanding debt. These costs could include late payment interest, administration costs , costs of trying to contact you, to visit you, getting a warrant to enter your Property and installing a Pay-As-You-Go meter;

(d) costs of us or our agents visiting your Property if you don’t do what you have agreed to under this contract and we have offered or tried to contact you by letter, phone or email, including keeping agreed appointment times;

(e) you interfere with your gas or electricity meter, or steal gas or electricity;

(f) replacing any card or key for a Pay-As-You-Go meter that you lose or damage;

(g) if you live in a newly built residential Property, there may be charges to use the gas and electricity networks needed to supply Energy to you;

(h) if we have to visit your Property and stop, disconnect or reconnect your Supply;

(i) costs of changing the Meter at your Property.

2.8 If we change our Tariffs, it is possible we will use an estimated meter reading on the date of the price change. We will use the original pricing for the Energy we estimate you have consumed until that date, and the new rate will apply from the date of the change. If you provide us with an accurate meter reading on the date of the price change, we will use that reading to ensure you are billed accurately.

3.0 Paying for the Energy we Supply you

3.1 You will need to pay for the Energy we supply to you by the date stated on your Bill. If you think your Bill is incorrect, feel free to contact us and we will investigate your concerns as soon as we can. In the meantime please continue to make regular payments. If we find that the value of the bill was incorrect, we will re-issue you with a new bill.

3.2 There are a number of ways you can make a payment; a. If you are a Pay-As-You-Go customer we will not send you Bills. Instead, we will send you an annual Statement showing your consumption of Energy for that year. You pay for your Energy by topping up your Pay-As-You-Go meter. b. If you pay by a fixed or variable Direct Debit, we will send you a monthly or quarterly Statement detailing your consumption for that month. We will also send you an annual Statement showing your usage.

If you pay by cash, credit or debit card, we will send you a monthly bill detailing your monthly usage as well as an annual statement showing your annual usage. c. If you pay by fixed Direct Debit and you are in credit on your account, we will reimburse you with an agreed-upon amount upon request.

3.3 All bills and statements will be based on actual or estimated meter readings. It is important that you provide us with your actual meter readings to ensure that your bills and statements are accurate.
What if you struggle to make a payment.

3.4 If you find it difficult to make a payment, please contact us as we will always do everything we can to help you. You will find a list of ways to pay on your Bill or Statement.

3.5 If you struggle to make regular payments, we may ask you to pay in a different way, for example, by having a Pay-As-You-Go meter installed at your Property.

3.6 If we install a Pay-As-You-Go meter, we may charge you for any incurred costs.

3.7 If we install a Pay-As-You-Go meter or you stop paying by Direct Debit, your tariff prices may increase. If they do, we will give you at least seven working days’ Notice.

3.8 If you pay for your Energy by Direct Debit and the payment is unsuccessful, we will attempt to take a payment from you a second time. If this attempt is also unsuccessful, then we may change your payment method from Direct Debit to payment by cash, credit or debit card. We will tell you in advance if we plan to do this.

3.9 If you wish to cancel your Direct Debit, please give us as much notice as possible before cancellation so that we can discuss with you the best way for you to pay for your energy.

3.10 If you don’t pay a bill that we send to you, we can charge you interest at a rate of 3% above the current Bank of England base rate annually. We can start charging interest 28 days after you have failed to pay an amount owed by you. We will tell you of this in advance by sending you a reminder

3.11 If you have an outstanding balance, we will decide how we use any payment you make to pay it off. We may decide to pay off your outstanding amounts first, or pay off any other costs you may owe us.

3.12 You agree to pay us any money you owe from previous contracts with us. You also agree to pay us:

(a) any money owed to your old supplier, where you have agreed to transfer this debt to us; and

(b) any reasonable administration fees, so long as we inform you about them.

Incorrect Bills/Statements

3.13 If we are no longer your supplier and we identify Bills that were sent to you with an incorrect value, we will revise them as soon as we can.

3.14 If we find you owe us money on that new bill, you will be asked to pay it by the date shown on the bill. If you disagree with this bill, you will need to let us know immediately.

3.15 If we realise we have made a mistake with any of your bills or statements and we haven’t billed you within 12 months of you using energy, you will not be required to pay for it.

3.16 This clause will remain in force after your contract ends with us and we’ve sent you a final bill.

4.0 Meters and access to your Property

Meter readings

4.1 Please provide us with a meter reading as soon as possible before we take over responsibility of supplying energy to your Property.

4.2 If you haven’t given us a meter reading, and we can’t take one, we’ll estimate your opening meter reading when we take over your supply.

4.3 To help make sure your Bills and Statements are accurate, please provide us with meter readings at least four times a year. If you give us a meter reading, we will take all reasonable steps to include it in your next Bill and/or Statement.

4.4 If we don’t think your meter reading is accurate, we will do everything we reasonably can to contact you and request a new read. If we don’t receive a read, we will estimate a read for you.

Providing a meter

4.5 As your supplier of Energy, you agree for us to provide you with a Meter and any associated equipment for the accurate measurement of Energy supplied to your Property.

Looking after the meter

4.6 It is your responsibility to ensure that the Meter and associated equipment in your Property is not damaged or interfered with.

4.7 It is a criminal offence to tamper with a Meter.

4.8 If you have reason to believe the Meter is damaged, there is a fault or problem with it, or that it may have been tampered with, you should inform us immediately.

4.9 It is important that the Meter is always accessible so that we, or our Agents, can read it. If access to the Meter is obstructed, you may have to pay the cost we incur in removing the Meter or the obstruction.

Access to your property

4.10 You must allow us, our Agents, the Gas Transporter and/or the DNO to access your Property, to inspect and/ or work on any meters supplied by us in the following circumstances;

(a) at any time in an emergency;

(b) to carry out a safety inspection of the Meter and maintain or test the Meter if required; or;

(c) to obtain a reading; or

(d) to renew or replace the Meter.

5.0 Stopping your supply

Reasons why we might stop your supply

5.1 We can refuse to Supply you with Energy in the following circumstances;

(a) Your current supplier prevents us from supplying you with Energy;

(b) Your supply has been stopped either by us, the Gas Transporter, the DNO or another supplier, or regulations that we must comply with, which mean that and by regulation we don’t have to reconnect you or continue to supply you. This can happen if, for example, you’ve interfered with your meter;

(c) If we are not willing to accept your meter. This might happen because of the type of meter installed in your Property or if we believe your meter has been tampered with.

5.2 We can stop your Supply for the following reasons;

(a) If it isn’t reasonable for us to carry on supplying you, for example, you haven’t paid your Bill despite receiving several reminders. We will give you at least seven working days’ notice before we stop your Supply;

(b) If there is an emergency;

(c) If we are legally required to stop your Supply.

Using your gas supply

5.3 If, for any reason, we tell you to stop or restrict using gas, you must do so straight away until we tell you it is safe to start using it again.

6.0 Changes to this Contract

6.1 We will not change these terms and conditions without telling you first. We can change the terms and conditions of this Contract at any time, including prices and payment methods, unless we’ve agreed with you that we won’t.

6.2 If we make a change, we’ll inform you in Writing.

6.3 If you don’t agree with any changes, you can end your contract with us switch your Supply to another supplier.

Changes for variable tariffs (not for fixed price tariffs)

6.4 If we propose to make any changes which put you at a disadvantage, or if we increase your prices, we’ll let you know at least 30 days before any change or price increase occurs.

6.5 If you arrange for another supplier to supply your Energy and we are notified by that supplier within 20 working days after the change or price increase, the changes or increases will not apply to your account. Your new supplier will have to start supplying you with energy within a reasonable period after notifying us that you have switched.

6.6 Together, we may mutually agree to make changes to your Contract. However, if any change is to your detriment, we will explain this to you in Writing before we agree to the change. You will then need to confirm with us that you wish to proceed with the change.

7.0 How to end your contract with us

7.1 You can end your Contract at any point in the following ways;

(a) If you move Property and you do not want us to supply your new Property, please inform us at least two working days’ before you move. Your Contract will then end on the date you move out of your Property. The only exception to this is if you still own your Property on that date and no one else has taken over responsibility for it.

If you don’t inform us at least two working days before you move, this contract will continue until:

(i) two working days after you inform us you have moved; or

(ii) someone else is supplied Energy at your Property; whichever happens first.

(b) You can end this Contract at any time as long as:

(i) you do not have an outstanding debt and you are being supplied Energy by another supplier; or

(ii) we stop your energy supply where we have agreed with you to do so; or

(iii) we stop your energy supply where we have agreed with you to do so.

7.2 When you end this Contract, we will ask you to provide an accurate meter reading. If we don’t receive an accurate reading, you may have to pay the difference between the reading you gave us (or the one we estimated) and your opening read with your new supplier.

7.3 We will do everything we reasonably can to send you your final Bill or Statement (depending on your account type) within six weeks of the Contract end date.

7.4 You are required to pay for all of the Energy that you have used until the end of your Contract, including any outstanding debt. Until you have done so we may object to you switching to another supplier. If we object, we will let you know the reasons why and what you need to do to resolve this. You will be responsible for any charges incurred up until our Contract with you comes to an end.

We can end our Contract with you for the following reasons:

7.5 We can end our Contract with you immediately if:

(a) you breach any of the Contract’s terms and/or conditions; or

(b) Ofgem instruct another supplier to take over your Supply.

7.6 If you are on a variable tariff, we can end this contract by giving you at least 28 days’ notice.

What happens if we owe you money when the contract ends

7.7 It is your responsibility to provide us with an accurate final read so that we can determine if we owe you any money.

7.8 If the Contract is ending because you are moving Property, please provide us with your new address so that we are able to contact you about any refunds that may be due to you.

7.9 If you have chosen to pay by Direct Debit, you should not cancel your Direct Debit mandate so that we can refund any monies that may be owed to you.

7.10 It is your responsibility to comply with the above provisions. If you don’t, we may not be able to refund you any monies owed.

If you owe us money when the contract ends

7.11 If you pay by fixed Direct Debit and, at the end of your Contract, you have an outstanding debt, we will take the full amount owed. This may be more than the usual fixed amount. We will give you advance notice of the amount we propose to take.

8.0 Limitation of liability

8.1 We do not exclude our liability for death or personal injury due to negligent acts committed by us or our Agents, nor do we exclude our liability for fraudulent acts.

8.2 We will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for:

(a) any indirect, consequential financial loss or damage, such as loss of profit, income, business, Contracts, goodwill or expenses; or

(b) any loss or damage which could not have been reasonably expected by either yourself or us when we entered this Contract with you.

8.3 Our responsibility to you if you suffer any reasonable loss or damage will be limited to no more than £1 million for each event, or a combined number of connected events, that cause you loss.

8.4 If you suffer any loss or damage caused by the gas transporter or the DNO, we will only be responsible for the amount we are able to recover from them.

9.0 Information we hold about you

9.1 We will, at all times, act in compliance with the provisions of data protection laws which apply, such as the Data Protection Act 1998 and, from 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation and any implementing legislation such as the Data Protection Act 2018 which replaces it. In particular we will only ever use your information as described in the rest of this clause 9 and as set out in more detail in our Privacy Notice.

9.2 We may gather information about you in a number of ways, for example, you may give it to us, we may collect it when corresponding with you or it may be collected from the Meter or associated equipment. We may also get information from companies that offer databases of information.

9.3 For the purposes of providing our services to you, we and our Agents can use your information for the following reasons. (and as described in more detail in our Privacy Notice):

(a) to provide the services to you under your Contract, which can include loyalty and incentive programmes;

(b) to contact you to discuss your account and the services we are providing;

(c) to create statistics, test computer systems and perform analysis. The formation and analysis can include details about you and your household, your income and your lifestyle. It can also include the way you use Energy;

(d) to help prevent and detect debt, fraud and financial loss;

(e) to help us keep you, your family and your household safe and secure; f. to help us train our staff.

9.4 For the purposes of marketing, we can use information you give us to create statistics to target our marketing activities.

9.5 We may monitor and record any of your communications with us, including telephone conversations and emails, to make sure we are giving you a good service and meeting our regulatory and legal responsibilities.

9.6 We and our Agents can use any information we have about you to contact you in relation to our services. This can include, but is not limited to, by post, email, telephone, text message or any other kind of electronic communication.

9.7 If we contact you to tell you about offers relating to our services, we will try and do so by sending our marketing information via your preferred channel.

9.8 If you no longer have an account with us, or if you don’t receive our services anymore, we can still keep your information so we can let you know about offers regarding our services and offers from other companies that we believe you might be interested in. We will only keep your information for a reasonable length of time and after that we will dispose of it securely.

9.9 You can contact us at any time and request that we do not contact you for marketing purposes.
Sharing your information with others.

9.10 We will never sell any information we hold about you to any third parties so they can market to you.

9.11 We can share your information with organisations that may use this information for the purposes described in our Privacy Notice. Examples of these are:

(a) to contact you about the services we provide and to ask you to participate in customer satisfaction surveys;

(b) to give information to members of your family, household or someone permitted by you to act on your behalf, or those who introduced you to us, for example your landlord or letting agent;

(c) to help prevent and/or detect debt, fraud or theft. This can include giving information about you to debt and financial advisors;

(d) to transfer some or all of a debt you have to another organisation, for example a debt collection agent;

(e) to provide information we are legally required to provide;

(f) for current or future legal action;

(g) to take part in any data-sharing initiatives run by the Government, regulators or the industry, for example, initiatives for reduction in fuel poverty or helping vulnerable customers.

9.12 We or some of the companies we may work with to provide the services you receive, might have to transfer your information outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Where this happens we will make sure there are adequate safeguards in place to protect your information.

9.13 We may ask your previous supplier for information to help us take over your Supply. This may include information about meter readings and equipment, as well as charges you may owe your previous supplier.

9.14 If you move to another supplier, we will give them information about you, including meter readings and details of any outstanding debts, to help them take over your Supply.

10 Fraud/tampering with meters

10.1 Where we suspect or believe that someone has tampered with your Meter, we will report it to the relevant authorities and other affected parties.

11.0 If you need extra care

11.1 We will inform you about the Priority Services Register prior to entering a Contract with us. If you have told us that you have specific needs that require extra care, we may use this information for the purposes of providing you additional services.

11.2 If you and/or we believe that you need extra care, we can keep a record of any underlying causes that justify this. The reasons for extra care may include, but are not limited to, your age, health, disability and/or financial circumstances. We can also record the same information for any member of your household. We will keep this information so that we ensure your supply isn’t stopped.

11.3 We can share this information with: a. social services, charities, and other support organisations, if we think that they could help you or members of your household, by making sure your Property has a gas or electricity Supply; b. other energy suppliers, if we believe that you’re thinking about changing supplier; c. the relevant gas transporter, metering agents or DNO.

12.0 Information about other people

12.1 If we receive information from you about someone else, including sensitive information on behalf of someone else, we will ask you to confirm that you have given the involved individual the information in this document. They will need to give you consent to provide information about them, to us, and consent for us to use their personal information in the way we describe here.

12.2 Where you require a password to access your account, it is your responsibility to keep that password safe and ensure that anyone you may give that password to, also keeps it safe.

13.0 Our standards of service to you

13.1 We are required to meet certain Standards of Performance set by Government and the energy regulator. These standards are available upon request. Please contact us and we will be happy to explain more about these.

14.0 How to make a complaint

14.1 If, for any reason, you are not happy with our service, you can make a complaint. You can request a free copy of our complaints handling procedure by calling us free on 0800 030 4567 or emailing us at

15.0 National Terms of Connection

For electricity customers only

15.1 You agree that, by entering into this contract, you are also entering into an agreement with your local DNO in relation to the National Terms of Connection.

15.2 We are acting on behalf of your DNO to make an agreement with you that you and your DNO both accept and agree to the National Terms of Connection (NTC). The NTC is a legal agreement which will come into effect from the time you enter into this Contract and it will affect your legal rights.

The NTC sets out the rights and duties relating to the supply point whereby your DNO delivers electricity to, or accepts electricity from, your Property. You can get a copy of the NTC by contacting the Energy Networks Association at:

Energy Networks Association,
6th floor, Dean Bradley House,
52 Horseferry Road,

By calling 020 7706 5137 or visiting

16.0 If you have a Pay-As-You- Go meter

16.1 We will give you a card or key to top up your Pay-As-You-Go meter. Please keep this safe. If it gets lost or damaged, you may be liable to pay any reasonable costs for a replacement.

Topping up your meter

16.2 You need to ensure that you

(a) buy enough credit with your card or key to cover any Energy you use, plus any extra charges you may be required to pay; and

(b) keep your Meter topped up even when you are not using gas or electricity, so that you have enough credit to cover any potential, additional charges, including your daily standing charge, or any outstanding debt. Your Meter also needs to be topped up regularly to receive any electronic updates as may be necessary.

16.3 If you do not top up your Meter, we or our Agents may have to visit your Property to carry out work on the Meter, or other equipment, and you may have to pay the reasonable costs incurred.

16.4 You will have to purchase a minimum amount of credit every time you top up. You will receive details of this when you receive your top-up card or key.

Unused credit

16.5 If you have any unused credit on your Pay-As-You-Go meter, you can only get a refund when your Contract ends, not before. You will need to tell us you want a refund at least two working days before your Contract ends. You may also need to take your card or key to a PayPoint, Payzone, or Post Office outlet, to register the information about your Meter. We will then process your refund based on that information.

16.6 If you do not have an outstanding debt with us, we will either send the refund to an account linked to your new Property or send you a Notice explaining how you can claim your refund.

16.7 Regardless of your input, we will still take reasonable steps to pay you whatever is left on your Meter,but we may have to charge you a reasonable amount to cover our administration costs.

What happens if you have an outstanding debt?

16.8 If you owe us money, we can agree to let you pay it back by paying more on your meter than the cost of the Energy you are actually using.

16.9 If you are paying us back through your Meter, you need to strictly adhere to the payment schedule we have agreed with you. If you do not, we can ask you to either pay us the total outstanding balance straight away, to pay us back faster, or in a different way. Either way, we will send you a Notice to inform you beforehand.

What happens if the price changes?

16.10 If we change our gas or electricity prices, there might be a short delay before the new prices show up on your Meter. The next time you top up after the prices change, your card or key will be updated with the new price and when used by the Meter, the prices will transmit to it.

Swapping from a Pay-As-You-Go meter

16.11 If you have a Pay-As-You-Go meter in your Property and you ask us to, we may swap your meter for a credit meter.

16.12 We will only do this if; a. you do not have an outstanding debt; b. we have asked you to and you have paid us a Deposit; and c. you pay the reasonable costs we incur in swapping the Meter for you.

17.0 Emergencies and safety - gas and electricity

17.1 If you are aware of, or suspect, a gas leak, you must call the Freephone Gas Emergency Number immediately free phone, on 0800 111 999. You will also find this number on any of your Bills and Statements.

17.2 If you are aware of, or suspect, any danger relating to your supply or distribution of electricity, please contact Western Power Distribution on their Freephone number, 0800 678 3105. These details are also found on your Bills and Statements.

18 General terms and conditions

Transferring rights and responsibilities

18.1 You cannot transfer any of your rights and/or responsibilities under this Contract to another person without our prior written consent. We can transfer all, or any part, of this Contract to another supplier, but your rights under clause 6 won’t be affected.

About the contract

18.2 The laws of England and Wales apply to this contract.

18.3 If you fail to do anything under this contract and we do not tell you straight away, that does not stop us from doing anything about it later on. If we do not immediately ask you for money that you owe us, it will not stop us from asking for it later on.

18.4 If a court or other authority such as Ofgem tells us a part or clause of this Contract isn’t valid, the rest of the Contract will still apply.

Appendix 1

1.0 Installation of your smart meter

1.1 We may install a smart meter, free of charge, into your Property or you may move into a property that already has one. If so, these additional terms

1.2 If your Property is not already installed with a smart meter and we are installing one, we will agree an installation appointment date with you. You must be present at your Property to allow us access for the agreed appointment and you should let us know with as much notice as possible if you will no longer be able to make the appointment. It is your responsibility to give Robin Hood Energy two working days notice if you are unable to make an appointment. Missed appointments will incur a charge that will be applied to your account.

1.3 At time of a smart meter installation, you will also be offered an In Home Display (IHD) unit free of charge. You can refuse receipt of an IHD and if you do you can change your mind and request one within 12 months of the installation date of your smart meter. You will be entitled to an IHD after the first 12 months but it will no longer be free of charge.

1.4 You can use the IHD unit to monitor your use and cost of energy supply
in your Property.

2.0 Information from your smart meter

2.1 Your smart meter will allow us to manage your energy supply remotely, meaning we will not need to visit your Property in order to take a meter reading. We will produce accurate bills for your energy supply from these readings.

2.2 We will produce and send to you bills based on your meter readings.

2.3 We might have to estimate your bills if for example the communication in your meter fails and we are unable to obtain a meter reading for the time that your bill is due.

2.4 Your smart meter will allow us remotely to, collect information about your energy use, collect meter readings, change tariffs, apply credit or debit, carry out any remote repairs and maintenance of your meter, change its operating mode from a credit to a Pay-As-You-Go meter (and vice versa) or if necessary, to stop your supply.

2.5 Your IHD unit will show the amount and cost of energy as you are using it. It will not however show any discounts or charges that may be removed from or added to your bill so it will not always show the actual amount that will be reflected on your bills.

2.6 We will normally (unless you tell us otherwise) collect daily consumption data remotely from your meter. If you would prefer, you can notify us that you want us to collect consumption data once a month instead.

2.7 You can also decide if you want us to collect consumption data for each half hourly period. You must notify us if you want us to do this.

2.8 We will only use any information we collect from your meter in order to:

(a) supply you energy;

(b) ensure that we bill you correctly for the energy you have used;

(c) check that your meter is working correctly;

(d) resolve an enquiry or complaint;

(e) meet your request for data; or otherwise as detailed in clause 9 of the Terms and Conditions.

2.9 If you have a smart Pay-As-You-Go meter we will also use the data we receive from your meter to monitor the frequency of top-ups.

2.10 If there are any problems with your meter or if it suffers a communication issue for a long period of time it may be necessary for us to send an engineer out to investigate the problem.

3.0 Use of your smart meter

Pay-As-You-Go customers

3.1 If you pay for your energy by Pay-As-You-Go with your smart meter, you must top up your credit to ensure that you have an uninterrupted supply of energy. If you fail to top up, your meter will disconnect automatically as soon as your credit runs out. In cases of emergency only, you will be allowed to trigger ‘emergency’ credit up to a value of £5. In the event that your ‘emergency’ credit expires in ‘out of office’ hours, you will have access ‘friendly’ credit to continue your energy supply until office hours commence again. Your meter will disconnect automatically as soon as office hours commence unless you top-up your credit at this point. There is a minimum top up limit of £5 per fuel. Any accumulated charges or debts applied to your meter will be deducted from any top up value before any energy credit is applied.

Credit customers

3.2 If you have a smart meter operating in credit mode we will collect consumption data in accordance with Clause 2.8 above.

3.3 If you wish to change the mode of your smart meter from Pay-As-You- Go to credit, or vice versa, you will need to contact us for our policy on this and we will consider each request individually.


3.4 We may, if you give us consent and contact details to do so, where possible, send mobile phone or email alerts to you to tell you that your credit is running low on your meter. Your smart meter will alert you when your meter is running low on credit.

4.0 Equipment

4.1 All equipment is owned by us (or our agents). Your smart meter and IHD
unit are paired together, and will not work with any meter installed in other properties and so cannot be taken to another property if you move.

4.2 It is your responsibility to ensure that your smart meter and IHD unit are not damaged or interfered with in any way. It is a criminal offence to tamper with your smart meter.

4.3 If your smart meter or IHD unit are damaged, if there is a fault or a problem with them, or if you think they have been tampered with, you should inform us immediately by calling us free on 0800 030 4567.

If your smart meter or IHD are damaged by you, you will have to pay us the costs of carrying out repairs to or replacement of them.