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Smart meters

Robin Hood Energy offers smart meters to both new and existing customers. If you’d like to take more control over the energy usage in your home, a smart meter is the ideal solution for you.

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No more meter read requests

Smart meters are a great way to manage your energy. With a smart meter, your meter readings are sent directly to your energy supplier – meaning no more manual meter readings.

Real time energy usage

The major benefit of a smart meter over a regular analogue meter is that a smart meter comes with an In Home Display (IHD). This means you’ll have a display in your home which shows you how much energy you’re using and how much that is costing – enabling you to make better informed decisions about your energy use.

How do smart meters work?

Smart meters connect wirelessly to both your energy supplier and to the In Home Display (IHD) unit.

The IHD sits in your home and allows you to see in real time how much energy you’re using, which gives you better control over your energy use. That means that it’s much easier for you to top up and control your energy use.

Because it’s also connected to your energy supplier, your smart meter will be sending constant updates on energy use, meaning you no longer have to submit manual meter readings.

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If you have a standard credit meter you can register for a free upgrade and we'll add you on our installation list.

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Smart pay as you go payments

Smart pay as you go meters can be extremely useful for pay as you go customers, as it allows you to make payments and top-up online.

What are the benefits of a smart meter?

With a smart meter, you get:

More control over your usage

Smart meters enable you to keep an eye on your household energy use and control those energy guzzling areas and appliances by using them more efficiently.

Flexibility to top-up

If you’re a prepayment customer your smart pay as you go top-up card can be used to top-up online, over the phone or at your nearest PayPoint retailer.

More control over your energy spending

Smart meters display your current spending for credit customers as well as your credit levels if you are a pay as you go customers. You can even programme your IHD to warn you if you’re approaching a credit limit.

Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice

The Smart Metering Code of Practice (SMICoP) is the set of rules or standards that all energy suppliers must follow when installing a new Smart Meter. You can read the full SMICoP or find out more by visiting the SMICoP website.

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