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Robin Hood Energy is a not-for-profit energy company based in Nottingham and serving customers across the UK. Our unique position as a government run energy provider means we are often called upon to provide comment or insight around topical news stories. The purpose of our press centre is to provide the press with access to those comments and other assets from Robin Hood Energy.

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Our Latest Comments

On the price of energy

“The markets for energy have become extremely complicated, with prices varying due to things such as weather, national and international events, natural disasters and political decisions.

In the UK, gas and electricity prices are affected by a number of different market conditions as well as these outside influences, such as the normal supply and demand fundamentals. The demand changes dependant on the season, resulting in more costly forms of supply to meet demands in colder months, for example.

External factors such as oil price movements, the pound’s strength in the currency markets, and environmental incentives offered by the UK government all affect the cost of energy.”

Steve Battlemuch, Chair of the board of Robin Hood Energy