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Exclusive discount for Nottingham City residents

Residents of Nottingham City are set to benefit from an exclusive discount getting them money off their bills with Robin Hood Energy.

Robin Hood Energy was launched in September 2015 and was the first local authority owned energy supplier on the market since 1948. Our first pledge to local residents was to protect tariff rates for Nottingham City prepayment customers.

People on prepayment tariffs are often the most likely to experience fuel poverty and our Nottingham prepayment tariff is already 5% cheaper for people who live within the city boundaries.

Now, just in time for winter, credit customers in Nottingham City can benefit from the same level of discount on all of our new credit tariffs.

Are existing customers with Nottingham City post codes eligible for the discount?

If you’re not on an existing fixed tariff with an exit fee, then you’re free to move to the new tariff and get the discount.
If you’re on an exit fee tariff then you’ll need to stay on your current tariff until the end of the contract period.

Are prepayment customers eligible for  the 5% discount?

The Nottingham prepayment tariff is already discounted by 5% compared to our standard national prepayment tariff. The Nottingham prepayment tariff is exclusively available to prepayment customers with a Nottingham City postcode.

Robin Hood Energy Chairman, Cllr Steve Battlemuch explains in more detail below.



*To be eligible you must pay your council tax to Nottingham City Council. Our online quote portal will present the discount if your postcode is eligible.