Posted on 16th October 2018

Robin Hood Energy’s Standard Variable Tariff price change

Putting up prices is always a last resort. Despite increasing wholesale prices, where other energy companies have put their prices up, in some cases multiple times a year, we’ve managed to keep our Standard Variable Tariffs unchanged for over 18 months.

Meaning we’ve protected some of our most vulnerable customers from price rises.

Who will this affect?

This will affect customers on our Standard Variable Tariffs. So, the price change will only impact customers on our Robin Hood Energy Evergreen Variable Tariffs.

Why are we increasing the price of your Standard Variable Tariffs?

We have held off increasing our prices for as long as possible. However, continued increase in wholesale prices means that we unfortunately have no other option but to increase our prices by the minimal amount possible.

When will the price increase become active and how will you be informed?

Robin Hood Energy is committed to providing customers with the very best prices that it can. All customers who are due a price increase will be contacted via email or letter by the 19th of October.

The price change won’t take place until the 29th of November.

How can I beat the price increase?

Only our Standard Variable Tariff customers will be affected. Our fixed priced tariffs remain some of the most competitive in the market – if you’re interested in switching to one of our 100% Green Fixed Tariffs click here

Cllr Steve Battlemuch, Chair of Robin Hood Energy’s comments: