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Visiting Iremongers Pond to donate 4 English Oak Trees

23rd April, 2020

The latest stop of our 300 Oak Tree campaign to make Nottingham a greener city was a visit to the Iremongers Pond in Wilford, where we donated a further 4 trees. The pond offers a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity in the heart of Wilford village. With country walks round the recently completed bank side path, together with quiet Fishing spots for many native fish species.

The site is a quiet haven for nature lovers with regular sightings of herons, swans, geese, small birds of prey, robins and occasionally the kingfisher. The Iremongers pond is a place the whole community can enjoy and even if briefly, escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Earlier this year the pond was bolstered with 150 saplings, courtesy of the Woodland Trust. We were happy to add to their growing collection of trees.

Iremongers Pond is managed by a small group of dedicated volunteers, known as the Iremongers Pond Association (IPA), who live locally, on behalf of the City Council.

Bill Roughton, Chair of the IPA & Pat Huxley, Secretary of the IPA received and planted the trees, but even the wildlife were interested in meeting Robin Hood on the day.

Pat Huxley, Secretary of the IPA said that “we were very pleased to be offered oak trees from your company which will, in time, provide a striking focus in the four locations we chose. We are doing our best to improve the carbon footprint in our lovely location. Our next big project (we hope) will be to raise the bridge at the northern edge of the Pond over the inlet to the River Trent. This is regularly under water and prevents people from circulating all around the pond. A bridge or raised boardwalk is our desire. We need to find funding from somewhere so it is, at present, simply a wish list.”Bill, Pat and the rest of the IPA do a brilliant job of looking after the pond and developing the surrounding habitat. We are thrilled to donate trees to local community and hardworking volunteers like the IPA who truly care about the environment.

We still have a small number of trees left. If you would like your local community group or business to be involved, email us at rhemarketing@robinhoodenergy.co.uk with a date and we’ll bring along your very own English Oak Tree