Posted on 1st February 2019

Growth despite of tough market conditions

There is no doubt the the UK energy market is experiencing unprecedented times, especially with another energy supply ceasing trading last week. Understandably this uncertainty leads to speculation around other energy suppliers, with particular focus on not-for-profit or publicly owned energy companies as these are relatively new to the deregulated energy industry.

In these uncertain times Robin Hood Energy seem to be bucking the trend and finding a path to customer growth under the public ownership model. In the last 12 months our customer numbers have increased by over 30%, we’ve launched our new Home Energy Services products for boiler insurance, service & replacement whilst investing in Nottingham with a number of new jobs being created.

Advances in technology have been made with deals to launch Apps in the coming months being recently announced. We’ve also partnered with 5 more local authorities in the last 12 months to launch white label brands in other areas of the UK and in the last week alone our customer service was voted 2nd best in the UK by Which?.

Public ownership of energy isn’t a new thing. It’s been publicly owned before and Robin Hood Energy is proving it can still be publicly owned and successful today. Rising wholesale costs are putting extra strain on suppliers and their ability to cope financially in a complex market. But, we believe Robin Hood Energy is the missing piece of the energy industry puzzle, helping to redress the balance in the energy industry in favour of the customer and championing the public’s right to access fairly-priced energy.