Posted on 22nd October 2018

Green Great Britain Week: Tips to help you go green

At Robin Hood Energy, we are all about going green and protecting the planet. Last week was Green Great Britain week, a week of action across the UK to get more people thinking about how we can tackle climate change, live more sustainable and join the clean growth revolution. So we’ve pulled together some helpful tips to go greener…

1) Switch to green energy

Switching to a green energy supplier is the quickest, easiest way to go green. When you switch to a green electricity supplier like Robin Hood Energy, for every unit of electricity you use a unit is produced and put on the grid by a renewable source like wind farms or solar farms.

By changing your electricity to green energy with Robin Hood Energy, you can reduce your carbon footprint and make a real difference to the planet.

2) You can make small changes every day

Even just changing small things every day can have an impact on the environment –
• Set your thermostat a few degrees lower in the winter
• Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible. As much as 85 percent of the energy used to machine-wash clothes goes to heating the water
• Use a drying rack or clothesline to save the energy otherwise used during machine drying
• Make sure your house is well insulated and foil-back your radiators to reflect heat back into the room
• Don’t leave electrical devices on standby, switch off lights when you leave a room and unplug chargers when you’ve finished with them

3) Switch to LED lights

LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs for the same amount of light, and they last much longer too. Using LEDs has a big impact on your bills and your carbon footprint.

4) Swap old appliances for more efficient ones

Choose energy efficient appliances, which use less power to perform an action. Everything from Eco kettles to energy efficient fridges – changing to low energy output products can help towards making the planet greener. But don’t forget to take you old one to a recycling centre or arrange collection from a professional waste removal company or the council.

5) Bonus Item!

Go green with Robin Hood Energy and sign up to one of our 100% Green Tariffs. Get a quote online at