Posted on 18th February 2019

Changes to our Standard Variable Tariffs

Ofgem have announced that due to rising wholesale costs the maximum amount suppliers can charge for variable or default tariffs has increased, and these new rates are effective from the 1st April.

These revisions reflect an increase in the wholesale cost of energy and increases in the other costs incurred to supply energy in the UK. More information on the new Price Cap levels can be found on the Ofgem’s website.

Due to these increases your prices will rise. Prepayment prices will rise from the 1st April and Credit prices will rise from the 4th April. However, we recognise that customers are struggling to pay for their energy so we haven’t increased the prices to the maximum amount under Ofgem’s Energy Price Cap mechanism.

For credit customers, we urge you to get in contact with us using your online portal, email or call us and switch to one of our fixed tariffs. These are always cheaper than our Standard Variable Tariffs. Fixed energy prices also mean you can budget your energy spend for the whole year and these prices cannot change during your fixed term.

Andrew Springall, Operations Director explains the change