Posted on 14th October 2019

Chair of the Robin Hood Energy Board

Following the latest board meeting held on the 11th October, Councillor Neghat Khan has been voted in as the new Chair of the Robin Hood Energy board.

Gail Scholes, CEO at Robin Hood Energy said: “Following the latest board meeting Cllr Neghat Khan has taken over as Chair of the Robin Hood Energy board for the following year. Previously, this position had been held by Cllr Steve Battlemuch, who remains as a board director for the publicly owned energy company. Cllr Khan has been an active board member since May 2016, and takes up her new role from 11th Oct.”

Cllr Steve Battlemuch who took over from the late Cllr Alan Clark in 2017 helped champion the public energy model. During his time as chairman, the Nottingham based energy firm saw huge customer growth, hundreds of jobs created in the city and the introduction of a discounted tariff for Nottingham based residents.

We look forward to Cllr Steve Battlemuch continuing to play an important role as a director, ensuring we help to create a fairer energy market for all.