Switch to our new Pay-As-You-Go tariff, one of the cheapest prepayment tariffs on the market

What is Pay-As-You-Go?

Robin Hood Energy is pleased to offer its Pay-As-You-Go service across the UK.

A Pay-As-You-Go meter allows you to pay for your gas or electricity as you use it.

This type of meter helps you to manage the cost of your energy supply and avoid high bills.

How does it work?

With Pay-As-You-Go, a sum of money is credited on to a card or key which is then inserted into the meter and used on a Pay-As-You-Go basis.

Why Choose Pay-As-You-Go?

Some customers find that the Pay-As-You-Go meter fits in better with their finances.

By topping up your meter regularly during the year you can build up credit to cover the winter months when energy bills are usually higher.

Is Pay-As-You Go the best choice for you?

Robin Hood Energy offers a variety of tariffs to customers and you may find that there are easier, more affordable options for you to explore.

Why not check out the links below or call one our Customer Service Officers free on 0800 030 4567 to find out more about your energy payment options.

Pay-As-You-Go Tariffs

Tariff prices

Pay-As-You-Go Guidance

For more information on Pay-As-You-Go download our booklet here.

Frequently asked questions

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