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What makes up your energy bill?

So where actually does that money go? Well your Energy bill pays for the following:

Wholesale costs

Energy providers have to first purchase the wholesale electricity and gas on the wholesale market. Energy can be purchased months or years in advance.

Network costs

Electricity and gas must be distributed from source to end user, suppliers have to pay for this service.

Environmental social obligations costs

Government intervention to ensure we deliver a lower carbon footprint and care for vulnerable members of society. This includes policies such as the Warm Home Discount, the rollout of new Smart Meters and the Feed-in-Tariff.

Value Added Tax, the standard rate of VAT is 20%.

Supplier pre-tax margin – This is the difference between the money an energy company receives from their customers and the costs they have to deliver that energy. Energy providers must pay tax and fund debt payments plus other obligated costs from this money.

Other Direct Costs – Any other costs that do not fit into the above categories.

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