We’re aware of people door-knocking in the Nottingham area. We don’t door step people, so please make sure you check id’s and be careful what personal information you are asked to disclose.

To keep our people safe we're still running a limited phone service. Our call centre teams are still very busy helping vulnerable customers and those with emergencies like a loss of electricity or gas.

If you need to submit a meter reading or pay your bill – that’ll definitely be faster from your online account.

Topping up your smart meter using your IHD

1. Go to the Main Menu (click here to see menu screen).

2. Press The Account button

3. Select the Fuel Type that you wish to top-up

4. You will see this screen below

5. Type in your vending code which you can find on your PayPoint purchase e-mail or receipt.

6. Once your top-up is successful the screen will read ‘Transaction Successful’

Unsuccessful top-up

If your top-up is unsuccessful then the screen will read ‘Transaction failed’

You may have inputted your code incorrectly – if you have, the screen will display a message that reads ‘Transaction Failed. Code is incorrect’. If this happens then try to top up again.

If you still can’t top up then call our call centre staff who will be happy to help 0800 030 4567.

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