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To keep our people safe we're still running a limited phone service. Our call centre teams are still very busy helping vulnerable customers and those with emergencies like a loss of electricity or gas.

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Settings cost & eco energy targets with your IHD

Settings Cost & Eco Energy Targets with your IHDTo set targets tap the target option on the settings menu (click here to see menu screen).

Select the type of energy that you would like to set a target for (Gas or Electricity). Use the top right option box to set targets for cost or consumption.

Setting cost targets (£)

Step 1.

Tap the top right option box until it shows £.

Step 2.

Tap the Electricity (Bolt symbol) or Gas buttons (Flame Symbol) to set targets for each energy type.

Step 3.

Enter the limit that you would like to spend in a day and Press OK.

Step 4.

Press Confirm to confirm that the amount you have inputted is correct.

Setting energy and eco targets

Setting an energy consumption target (kWh)

Setting a CO2 consumption target (CO2kg)

How do I know if I’m hitting my targets?

Your IHD has three LED lights on top of it. The colours will tell you if you are getting close to, or going over, a set target.

Green Light = you are fine! You are below 60% of your set target.

Orange Light = You are above 60% of your target but below 100% so its time to check what appliances may be guzzling energy.

Red Light = Oops! You’ve hit 100% of the target that you set. Best check your heating settings and appliances and see if there’s anything that you can turn off or turn down.

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