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How do pay as you go meters work?

Prepayment or pay-as-you-go meters let you pay for your gas or electricity before you use it, helping you manage the cost of your energy supply and avoid high bills.

To top up, you load credit onto a key or card at a Post Office, PayPoint or Payzone, then simply insert the key or card onto your meter.

What are the benefits?

Some customers find using pay-as-you-go energy fits in better with their finances, as they can see exactly what they’re using and spending. You can also build up credit to use during the winter months, when you’re likely to use more energy.

Paying for your gas and electricity

If your meter runs out of credit you’ll be without gas or electricity, so try to remember to top up regularly. It’s quick and easy to do and you can do it at any Post Office, PayPoint or Payzone.

If you or someone you care for is having trouble paying for their gas or electricity, get in touch as soon as you can so that we can help you. You can speak to one of our customer services team for free on 0800 030 4567.

Moving into a house with a pay-as-you-go meter

If you’re moving to a house that already has a gas or electricity pay-as-you-go meter you’ll need to get in touch so that we can take your details and set up your account correctly. We’ll also send you your own card or key, as using the previous occupant’s card or key could mean that the credit you pay for goes to someone else’s account.

We’ll ask you for:

  • Your meter reading from the property you’re leaving (if your supply was with Robin Hood Energy)
  • Your new address and the date you’re moving
  • The meter reading from the property you’re moving into – taken on the day you move in, or as close to that day as possible

To give us the meter reading from your new home, just press the display button and write down the number shown on the screen. Call us on 0800 030 4567 to give us your reading and we’ll get a new account set up for you.

We’ll either send you a new key or card in the post or we’ll give you a unique reference number (URN) you can use to pick up your new key or card from a local outlet. This may not be the same place you go to top up your key or card.

For more information on reading your meter, download our pay-as-you-go booklet here.

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