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How much energy are you using and how much does it cost?

Press the Dual Button or Electricity Button on the main menu to see your account status (click here to see menu screen)

Account Status screen

Pressing the A/C button will allow you to see the Energy Demand Information Dial.

Energy Demand Information Dial screen

Pressing the kWh button will allow you to scroll through the screens below to see how much energy or credit you are using.

Energy Usage Information screen

Press the A/C button to scroll through different Energy Usage Information screens.

Cost Per Hour Screen – £/h

Press again to get the £/h information screen. This will tell you how much it costs per hour for the energy you are currently using in real time.

Energy Usage Screen – kWh

Press once to get the kWh information screen. This will tell you how many kWh of energy you are using in real time.

CO2 Emission Screen – Co2/Mg

Press once more to get the C02/Mg information screen. This screen will tell you how many CO2 emissions your household is generating.

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