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Energy efficient lighting and controls

Lighting is a significant cost within an office and substantial savings can be achieved from simple policy implementations to installation of new lighting:

Raise a “switch off” policy to the staff, from just switching off all the lights if they are the last person leaving the office to ensuring they switch off lights that aren’t required to be left on e.g. empty meeting rooms. If there is the need for certain lights to be left on it may be possible to simple put coloured stickers onto the light switches indicating which ones to be left on. Put up stickers and posters reminding people to switch off when suitable.

Install new energy efficient lighting for example LED or T5 lighting to replace old inefficient lights.

If possible also include lighting controls, passive infra-red presence/absence detection. These work particularly well with LED lighting as the light comes on instantly and it doesn’t reduce the light life. Ideal areas for these controls are meeting rooms, toilets, kitchen areas and finally storerooms.

For the corridor/stairwell areas there is also a function on new lighting where if they don’t pick up movement the light dims down to a predetermined level and reduces its energy consumption.

Include day light dimming for lights that are near windows. The lights will dim down/switch off as the natural day light enters the building and lighting levels increase.

If there is an external car park area, arrange for a photocell to ensure the lights are only on when lighting levels are low, then incorporating a time clock to ensure the lighting isn’t left on when not required.

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