We’re aware of people door-knocking in the Nottingham area. We don’t door step people, so please make sure you check id’s and be careful what personal information you are asked to disclose.

To keep our people safe we're still running a limited phone service. Our call centre teams are still very busy helping vulnerable customers and those with emergencies like a loss of electricity or gas.

If you need to submit a meter reading or pay your bill – that’ll definitely be faster from your online account.

Emergency credit and friendly credit

If the unexpected happens and you can’t top up then you will have the option to use £5 emergency credit. Your IHD will display the message below.

When you are in Emergency Credit your home display will show “E” in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Friendly Credit

Robin Hood Energy want to make sure that our customers stay safe and so we offer Friendly Credit. Friendly Credit is another form of protection during vulnerable hours, in which your supply will remain on once you have utilised your £5 emergency credit.

If your emergency credit runs out after our working hours finish then friendly credit will begin and your supply will not shut off until 9am on the morning of the next working day. This policy gives you the time you need to either get your meter topped up or restore your supply during business hours.

If you move into Friendly Credit you will see the screens below.

Once the Friendly Credit period ends your IHD will warn you that your supply is due to shut off. At this point you will need to either top up or contact our customer service centre for further support.

How will you pay back your Emergency Credit and Friendly Credit?

After being in Friendly Credit or Emergency Credit you will need to pay these amounts back when you top up again. Make sure that you top up enough to pay back any Emergency Credit, Friendly Credit and weekly collection that you owe as well as enough to give you the energy you need to run your household.

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