We’re aware of people door-knocking in the Nottingham area. We don’t door step people, so please make sure you check id’s and be careful what personal information you are asked to disclose.

To keep our people safe we're still running a limited phone service. Our call centre teams are still very busy helping vulnerable customers and those with emergencies like a loss of electricity or gas.

If you need to submit a meter reading or pay your bill – that’ll definitely be faster from your online account.

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What is an Economy 7 Tariff ?

Economy 7 tariffs, also known as ‘differential’ or ‘two rate’ tariffs, are electricity tariffs that contain two different prices for the energy that’s consumed. Compared to a regular tariff, electr...

What is a dual fuel tariff?

A dual fuel tariff is where a customer gets both their gas and electricity from the same supplier. The customer pays a single supplier for their energy and will often benefit from a discount, as op...

What fuels are used to generate my electricity?

All energy companies are required to advise their customers about the mix of fuels they use to supply electricity to their customers and the impact it has on the environment. The table below shows...

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