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Simply fill in your details below, when we have engineers in your area we'll contact you and schedule an appointment to get your new smart meter installed.

COVID19 update: How long will I have to wait for my smart meter?

During the COVID19 lockdown period, we're unfortunately unable to fit any smart meters. Our meter fitting company has sensibly taken the decision not to put their engineers or our customers at risk by visiting homes.

We're working with our meter fitting company to understand when and how we can start to fit new smart meters for our customers. As we come out of lockdown, we'll update this page with the latest information we have and what the plan looks like.

Normally, we have a waiting list of a couple of months for a new smart meter, which depends largely on when and where we have fitting teams available, but obviously, that waiting time has been growing during the COVID19 period.

Our best estimate today, but it is very much an estimate, is that we will be able to start fitting smart meters in earnest again from October / November. But keep an eye on this page for updates and if you register for a smart meter with us below then we'll keep you up to date with more detail by email.

We're sorry that we can't fit new smart meters right now, but for everyone's safety, right now it's definitely the right decision.

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Good to know: We'll use your account number to find the address we send your bills too and arrange your smart meter to be installed there.

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If you need your smart meter installed at a different address e.g. a rental property that you pay the bill for, then just pop in the address of that property here.

So your Smart meter can be smart and automatically send us your meter readings, we need your consent to receive that data.

Our smart meter team are here to help you with all your smart meter questions.

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