Public ownership of energy

We don’t’ think it is right that some people on a daily basis have to make difficult choices between having a meal and heating their home. That’s why we support a public ownership model like ours. We are wholly owned by Nottingham City Council.

Our quest, since launch in 2015, has always been to make energy more affordable to help eradicate fuel poverty. Our not-for-profit model means any surplus we make is guaranteed to be reinvested into customers or good causes.

Our commitment is to deliver the fairest, most honest and greenest tariffs possible but we know that we have a responsibility that reaches beyond our heartland of Nottingham. That’s why we also partner with other local authorities to create publicly owned energy models throughout the UK.

The Robin Hood Energy model

Robin Hood Energy is a national brand and we supply to homes and businesses across the whole of England, Scotland and Wales. We also partner with other local authorities to create regional brands that support local communities. All customers are serviced by our call centre in Nottingham, we create the tariffs and buy the energy. All you need to do is create the brand and market to local customers which we can and do help you with too.

Instead of paying privately run switching sites commission, any customer signing up to these other brands means we make a payment to that local authority who in turn can investment in fuel poverty initiatives or local good causes.

No shareholders, no bonuses, just publicly owned energy reinvesting back into local communities.

We work with the following local authorities:

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