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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

A Power Purchase Agreement or PPA in very basic terms is a contract that allows producers of electricity to sell their power to a consumer. The consumer could be another business that uses the power itself or a business that trades the electricity that has been generated.

There are many different forms that a PPA could take which is dictated by who the producer is, the amount of electricity they produce, how it is produced as well as the nature of the consuming business and how it plans to use the electricity.

In its simplest form, a PPA with Robin Hood Energy means we will pay you for the green electricity you produce.

Who can get a PPA with Robin Hood Energy?

We have a wide range of PPAs already in place with a number of different types of electricity generators. From utility level wind and solar farms to small SMEs.

If you operate a dedicated energy generation business then fill in our form below and we can have an initial discussion.

If your business isn't a dedicated energy producer, e.g. you have a factory and are using the roof space to generate power then we would normally need you to have your energy supplied by us before we could enter into a PPA with you. However, depending on how much power you produce and the technology you're using, that might not always be the case, so fill in the form and we can have talk through how we might be able to work together.

Support to set up a PPA with Robin Hood Energy

Whatever your energy generation size and type or even if you're thinking about installing your own energy generation equipment, then we can help walk you through a PPA and hopefully start paying you for the energy you produce.

Simply pop your details into the form below and our business energy team can have an initial chat to get the ball rolling.

Power Purchase Agreement

Pop in some basic information about your business below and our business energy experts will contact you for an initial discussion and how we could potentially start paying you for the power your business generates.

Here to help

Our Business energy specialists are here to help talk you through getting your PPA set up .

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