We’re aware of people door-knocking in the Nottingham area. We don’t door step people, so please make sure you check id’s and be careful what personal information you are asked to disclose.

To keep our people safe we're still running a limited phone service. Our call centre teams are still very busy helping vulnerable customers and those with emergencies like a loss of electricity or gas.

If you need to submit a meter reading or pay your bill – that’ll definitely be faster from your online account.

Priority Services Register Promise

What is the Priority Services Register?

The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a FREE service offered to all domestic customers by their energy suppliers. This free priority service is available to anyone eligible who lives in England, Scotland and Wales. Eligible customers can receive additional services in relation to their communication, access and safety needs.

You will qualify for PSR support if you:

  • are of pensionable age
  • have a disability
  • have a long-term health issue
  • in a vulnerable situation
  • have children in the property

If you qualify to be on our PSR we promise to deliver additional support, such as; provide personal meter reading assistance, large-print and audio CD communications to name a few. This is to ensure that your customer needs are met and that we provide an excellent level of service to all.

How do I join Robin Hood Energy’s PSR?

To join our PSR or find out more about the additional support we offer then please contact our customer services team.

Phone: 0800 030 4567 or by completing our contact form

If your circumstance changes, then please let us know and we will update your details on our system.

Similarly, please contact us directly if you feel as though you no longer need additional support and want to be taken off our PSR.

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